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Procedure for integration of a new network element of a transmission licensee into the grid and issuance of certificate by Regional Load Despatch Centre (RLDC) for successful trial operation of a transmission element.more
Published Date wise UI/DSM Account Summary (From 1st April onwards 2017) more
SLDC Annual report for year 2016-17.more
UI(DEVIATION CHARGES) for the WEEK NO.05(2017-18) from 01/05/2017 TO 07/05/2017 REV-1 has been uploaded.more
UI for the WEEK NO.17(2013-14) from 22/07/2013 TO 28/07/2013 REV-2 has been uploaded.more
Reactive Energy Charges (REC) Account for the week from dt.10.04.2017 to dt.16.04.2017 R0 has been uploaded.more
REVISED UI(DEVIATION CHARGES) for the WEEK NO.08(2017-18) from 22/05/2017 TO 28/05/2017 REV-1 has been uploaded.more
Wind Energy Blocked of September-17 for following parties. click for details more
Invoices for SLDC Charges for Sep'17 have been uploaded more
UI(DEVIATION CHARGES) for the WEEK NO.09(2017-18) from 29/05/2017 TO 04/06/2017 has been uploaded.more
UI(DEVIATION CHARGES) for the WEEK NO.10(2017-18) from 05/06/2017 TO 11/06/2017 has been uploaded.more
UI(DEVIATION CHARGES) for the WEEK NO.11(2017-18) from 12/06/2017 TO 18/06/2017 has been uploaded.more
UI(DEVIATION CHARGES) for the WEEK NO.12(2017-18) from 19/06/2017 to 25/06/2017 has been uploaded.more
Grid Frequency : 50.05 Hz
Gujarat Catered : 12924 MW






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