Play Scary Maze Game 5

Hello guys! Welcome to this page. In this page you can find the scary maze games like as scary maze game 4,scary maze game 5 and more.If you are first time to lanch scary maze game, you may think it's simple and easy and noting! But i can tell you, you are wrong about it. It look like simple but It is difficult to clear!

play scary maze game 5

This is another version of scary maze game. There are two differents versions.

Version one when you failed you will play again.

version two when you faild it will scary you. So be careful!


play scary maze game 4

This version scary game contain 5 mazes . You need to lead the dot to across the maze but not touch the wall of the maze. IF you do, mission failed you need start again. By the way: the Hight level = more difficult. Can you try it?

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All games are free. Good luck and have fun!