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Grid Frequency : 49.993 Hz
Gujarat Catered : 9618 MW
Revision : 7
Remarks : ,

Evolution of SLDC

Initially the operation of the Gujarat grid system was coordinated from the central thermal power station at Dhuvaran. Later, as the complexity and the size of the network increased, the need for close coordination was realized.


By 1969, the Gujarat power grid was connected with Maharashtra grid system through Tarapur Atomic Power by 220kv lines. In 1969, the Load despatch centre was established at Gotri (Baroda) from where adequate communication facilities were already available to various outstations. Initially the Load Despatch at Gotri worked in two shifts only with skeleton number of staff with a small painted wooden board to display system mimic diagram. The Load Despatch Centre was shifted to Jambuva on 17th May 1974 and sophisticated power line carrier communication was provided for operation, control and coordination. The facilities available at Jambuva are express speech communication, tele-printer messaging service, tele-metering of parameters of power stations and sub-stations.


The Load Despatch Centre at Jambuva, later on, Computerized in the year 1984 with the equipments received under WREB project. In the first stage of the project, only SCADA functions were made available at LDC.


Under SC & C WR project for implementation of Unified Load Despatching Scheme in Western Region, New State Load Despatch Centre at Gotri, Vadodara, and three sub-LDCs at Jetpur, Gandhinagar and Jambuva were commissioned and started functioning from 8 July 2005. These Sub- LDCs are carrying out data acquisition, data transfer to SLDC and monitoring of system parameters in respect of the area. These Sub Load Despatch Centres are monitoring the radial feeders and taking corrective actions on associated equipments. They are also carrying out switching of equipments and lines at Grid Stations as per directives from SLDC. They are managing the load as per the schedule finalized in advance or in case of any incidents in the area directed by SLDC. They are collecting all relavant information regarding all system events and report to SLDC for further analysis and for taking follow up action for system improvement.


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